Picture of the month

January 2020
Extra info:

With a small delay (but 72% of the votes) we are happy to present our first picture of the month for 2020.
This is the Belgian Z510 Dennis, seen here entering the port of Thyboron (DK) the last time of the year on 12/12/19.

December 2019
Extra info:

You voted (65%) the N42 Jotvingis entering the naval port of Zeebrugge on 22/11/19 as our picture of the month

She's the ex N52 Vidar ('77-'06) from the Norwegian navy and now in service for Lithuania
she's used as command and support ship

November 2019
Extra info:

With 61% of the votes, you haven chosen the Glovis Symphony as our picture of the month!
She was taken on 15/10/19 entering the inner port of Zeebrugge

October 2019
Extra info:

This month, on 09/09/2019, our friend and fellow hunter "Freddy" past away at the age of 54.
therefore, in loving memory, we have decided that there will be no picture to vote for on our FB page, but a collage of some of his pictures.
many more can be found on our site and are recognisable with a blue Ship Hunters on the photo

September 2019
Extra info:

With 65% of the votes, you haven chosen for the Amera as our picture of the month.
Just being renamed (her former name was Prinsendam for HAL), she began her inauguration cruise for Phoenix Reisen on 16/08/19, she was on her maiden voyage in Antwerp 19/08/2019.

August 2019
Extra info:

With 73% of the votes, you haven chosen for the Union Pearl using her Fi-Fi (Fire Fighting) for cooling down the mechanism of the PvD lock in Zeebrugge on 25/07/2019 as temperature was raising above the 40°

July 2019
Extra info:

This month you could choose for our picture of the month from 2 pictures of the U480 Foxtrot (sentimental?).
You have chosen for the picture when she was leaving her berth in Zeebrugge (73%) 12/06/2019

The sub was in Soviet Navy between '60 - '94 and was to be visited at the port of Zeebrugge (BE) between '96-'19.
She was towed to Gent for scrap (14/06/19)

June 2019
Extra info:

With 64% of the votes, you have chosen the picture with the tug Smit Kiwi & the Ro-Ro Autosky as our pic of the month!
this was taken on 28/05/2019 in Zeebrugge (BE), the Autosky was leaving the lock, while the Smit Kiwi was waiting for entering, because another Ro-Ro had yet to come out of the lock.

May 2019
Extra info:

You have chosen (80%) for the Viking Sea as our picture of the month, she was taken on 21/04/19 as she left port.
She was one of the first cruises of the start of the new cruise season in Zeebrugge (BE)

April 2019
Extra info:

Thanks to your votes (68%), you haven chosen the container carrier ONE Grus as our picture of the month.
She was taken on 21/03/2019 in the port of Antwerp (BE) and this was her maiden call

March 2019
Extra info:

You have chosen (73%) for the bulk carrier Isabela Island as our picture of the month.
She was taken 04/02/19 when she was lining up for entering the Zandvliet lock in Antwerp (BE)

February 2019
Extra info:

With 53% of the votes, you have chosen the Belgian fishing vessel Z47 De Marie Louise as our picture of the month.
She was entering the port of Milford (UK) on 26/01/19 in the early morning, taken shelter from the storm later that day.

January 2019
Extra info:

With 84% you have chosen the dredger Swalinge as our picture of the month.
She was taken on 10/12/18, underway to the lock in Zeebrugge, on one of the few sunny days that time.

December 2018
Extra info:

You have chosen the Canadian frigate FFH330 Halifax (78%) arriving in the port of Zeebrugge on 10/11/2018 as our picture of the month.
She was here to remember the end of the First World War ('14-'18).

November 2018
Extra info:

you have chosen (62%) for the Maersk Herrera as our picture of the month.
She was taken on 14/10/18 in Antwerp (BE) and although built in 2018 and entering empty, it wasn't her maiden call.

October 2018
Extra info:

From your votes (58%), this has been chosen as our picture of the month.
The Ro-Ro carrier Salome, in her new colours, seen entering the port of Zeebrugge (BE) on 27/09/2018

September 2018
Extra info:

As your choice of pic of the month, this time the Z576 Mare Nostrum won the poll (72%)
On 15/08/2018, the fishing vessel entered the port of Thyboron in Denmark.

August 2018
Extra info:

On the 14th last month, the general cargo carrier Zealand Beatrix was seen arriving at the port of Antwerp (BE). This photo was made from one of the 2 tugs that assisted her to the lock.
She was chosen from our poll (57%).

July 2018
Extra info:

The Belgian frigate F930 Leopold I has been voted as our picture of the month (69%).
She came in 29/06/18 for the Navy Days Zeebrugge (BE)

June 2018
Extra info:

This month pics was a close call, but the Celestyal Crystal was the winner of our poll (51%).
She was taken on 18/05 on the Greek island of Santorini.

May 2018
Extra info:

Our picture of the month is the CSCL Uranus seen arriving at the port of Antwerp (BE)
She was voted by our members on our Facebook page (80%), you can always vote at the end of the month for our next picture.


April 2018
Extra info:

This month's picture is one of the former Belgian mine-hunter M915 Aster, who has been sold to Pakistan on the heavy load carrier Calypso

March 2018
Extra info:

On 08/02/18, we've spotted the bulk carrier Ocean Rainbow that left the locks in Terneuzen (NL) and was underway to Gent (BE)
It was one of many pics taken that day

February 2018
Extra info:

This time, we've chosen the tug Smit Kiwi as our picture, she was underway to assist the Ro-Ro carrier Lake Kivu, entering the port of Zeebrugge (BE)

January 2018
Extra info:

For the start of the New Year, we have chosen the French ferry Normandie Express.
It was one of the few days that we had a blue sky and sun in December 2017

December 2017
Extra info:

This month we've chosen the Ro-Ro carrier Aquarius Ace.
She was leaving inner port, on a beautiful sunny day

November 2017
Extra info:

For this month, we have chosen a picture of the new cobelfret RoRo Celine.
it was her maiden trip for this latest addition to the Cobelfret fleet.
With her 8000 lane-meters she is the world's largest RoRo freight ferry at this time!!

October 2017
Extra info:

Near the end of September we got to see this brand new subsea-support vessel on the Canal Ijmuiden (NL) - Amsterdam (NL). It is the VOS Stone.

September 2017
Extra info:

In the morning of 14/08/17,the CSCL Jupiter ran aground near Bath (NL) when leaving Antwerp towards Hamburg
Around 21.00h, she was refloated again
picture by Willem Kruit

August 2017
Extra info:

Among the many pictures made in July was this one of the container carrier MSC Hamburg. She was seen arriving at Antwerp (BE) on the 12th of July 2017.