Ship Hunters picture of the month.

This is our picture of the month February 2017,You can scroll down to see the older pictures.
Extra info:This month we haven chosen the LNG tanker Christophe De Margerie.
She entered the port of Zeebrugge on 20/01/17 and is the first of a new series of LNG tanker/icebreaker.
She and her sistervessels will operate as shuttles between Zeebrugge to the Siberian harbour of Sabetta

January 2017
Extra info:

Our first POTM for this year is the heavy load carrier Bigroll Barentsz. She was just one of many HL carriers that called port at Zeebrugge (BE) last year. Most of them in service for the Yamal LNG project. Yamal is a liquefied natural gas project located deep in the Russian Arctic.

December 2016
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World’s first dual fuel LNG PCTC. The vessel had her formal Naming Ceremony at the Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium on 21 November 2016.

November 2016
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Our picture of the month is this lovely photo of the bulk carrier AM Annaba seen underway to the port of Ghent (BE). On her starboard side the container carrier MSC Branka was overtaking her on route to her next port ...

October 2016
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Last month we made this photo of the Xia Zhi Yuan 6. She is just one of the many heavy load carriers that have been visiting Zeebrugge (BE). They have been loading or unloading parts for the Yamal LNG project.

September 2016
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Here is (with some delay) our picture of the month September. It is the container carrier Maersk Kure, seen from the tug Union 8. The photo was made during the arrival at the port of Antwerp (BE).

August 2016
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It is not every day there is a submarine to be seen at the port of Zeebrugge. But during the first weekend of July the Dutch flagged S810 Bruinvis was among the visiting ships for the Navy Days 2016. This is just one of the photo's we made during her visit.

July 2016
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On 29-06-2016 the US flagged "Arleigh Burke" class guided missile destroyer DDG103 Truxtun was seen arriving at Zeebrugge (BE). She was the first naval vessel to arrive here for the 2016 Navy Days.

June 2016
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In May, the port of Zeebrugge got to see the Aidaprima for the first time. She can be seen there every Wednesday, but this photo was taken on her very first visit, making it extra special ...

May 2016
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This photo of the Smit Sentosa was made on the 20th of April on arrival at Flushing (NL). She didn't enter port after handing over her tow, but sailed on to Rotterdam.

April 2016
Extra info:

This month, we have chosen for the ferry Cote Des Flandres.
She was taken early in the port of Dover (UK)on 17 march.
Recently renamend, she is the former (Seafrance) Berlioz, who can be seen in our gallery

March 2016
Extra info:

This month we have chosen the PSV (platform supply vessel) Pool Express, she was shifting berth with her sistervessel VOS Base in the port of Den Helder (NL) on 02/02/2016. Both ships can be found in our gallery

February 2016
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On 25-01-2016 the tanker UACC Masafi was seen on the Western Scheldt (NL). Her destination was Ghent (BE).

January 2016
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As picture of the month January (New Year), we have selected the incoming Belgian fishing vessel Z53 Van Eyck who entered the port of Shoreham (UK) on 05/12/2015.
In the background you can see the Z67 Rubens, both can be found in our photo gallery.

December 2015
Extra info:

Our last POTM for this year was taken on 18-11-2015 on the Western Scheldt (NL). It is the COSCO England, on route from Antwerp to her next destination.

November 2015
Extra info:

On the 25th of October we made this photo of the ferry Dunkerque Seaways, arriving at the port of Dunkerque. She was originally named Maersk Dunkerque.

October 2015
Extra info:

On September 8th we made a nice set of photo's of Dutch flagged landing platform dock Johan de Witt. She was seen during docking exercises on the Western Scheldt (NL).

September 2015
Extra info:

On the 23th of August, the biggest sailing ship in the world was to be seen at Zeebrugge (BE). This is one of the photo's we made during her departure there.

August 2015
Extra info:

A nice photo of the Asian Breeze on her final approach to Zeebrugge (BE), made it as our picture of the month.

July 2015
Extra info:

On 22-06-2015 we made this lovely photo of the Wallenius Wilhelmsen owned Ro-Ro carriers Tosca and Fidelio at the port of Zeebrugge.

June 2015
Extra info:

On the first of May the Anthem of the Seas was seen arriving at Zeebrugge (BE). It was her first visit as the ship was on her maiden trip ...

May 2015
Extra info:

In April we made this photo of the Leopold Staff, arriving at the port of Antwerp (BE). The Photo was taken from aboard the harbour tug Lieven Gevaert.

April 2015
Extra info:

This month the U.S. Navy Nimitz-class aircraft carrier CVN71 Theodore Roosevelt was to be seen at Portsmouth (UK). Though she is to big to enter port, she was there at anchor for 5 days as part of a world tour. You can not see this carrier and not be impressed by it's size so we made her our picture of the month.

March 2015
Extra info:

In February, on the 15th the LNG tanker Golar Bear arrived at Zeebrugge (BE). As always this LNG tanker was assisted by 5 tugboats.

February 2015
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Our picture of the month is the coastal tug Brugge, here seen at work on the river Western Scheldt in the Netherlands.

January 2015
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With some delay, our picture of the month. The pilot tender Loodsboot 7 seen off the coast of Belgium on the 9th of December.

December 2014
Extra info:

On the 24th of November we made this lovely picture of the Kees Jr. performing dredging ops. at Terneuzen (NL). In the background is the dredger Albatros.

November 2014
Extra info:

This month during a visit at the port of Portsmouth in the UK we were able to make this photo of part of the Naval base there. The photo was taken from inside Spinnaker Tower, about 110m above ground level.

October 2014
Extra info:

On the 27th of September we made this photo of the AHT Carlo Martello. At that moment the dry-dock she was in at the Scheldepoort shipyard at Flushing (NL) was been filled after mayor refit of the tug.

September 2014
Extra info:

The Ro-Ro carrier Glovis Summit was but one of the many photo's taken in August. She was seen leaving the port of Zeebrugge, assisted by 2 tugboats.

August 2014
Extra info:

4 French naval vessels laid-up at Toulon (FR). They are just a small part of the almost 30 naval vessels we took photo's of on 09/07/2014. And all will be placed in our gallery in the course of the next few days.

From left to right seen are:
L9021 Ouragan, L9022 Orage, A620 Jules Verne and L9077 Bougainville.