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Title: Coasters Remembered Language / taal: EN Top
Coasters Remembered The On Line Community For Coastal Shipping Enthusiasts

Title: Kustvaart forum Language / taal: NL Top

Title: Sea RiverShips.eu Language / taal: EN Top
SeaRiverShips.eu is an online community and forum based on European sea-riverships in all its facets. It aims to share photos, information and news about sea-riverships in Europe.

Title: shipspotters.nl Language / taal: NL / EN Top
Dutch site with lots of pictures and movies and info

Title: Tugspotters.com forum Language / taal: NL Top
Dutch Tugspotters forum (towage / salvage / ship- & tug models)

Ship spotter sites

Title: andreaskiel.de Language / taal: EN Top
Site with very nice ship pictures and info, location: Kiel Canal.

Title: beltman-shipping.nl Language / taal: EN Top
Beltman-Shipping, a collection of shipping photo's of tugs, offshore vessels, merchant ships and sailing ships. Collected over a wide range of years. Most photo's were taken in Dutch ports, some additions were taken by friends and relatives.

Title: containership-info.com Language / taal: EN Top
German site by Jan Svendsen and Jan Tiedemann.

Title: cruiseschepeninzeebrugge.be Language / taal: NE / EN Top
Belgian site about cruise vessels that visit Zeebrugge, very interesting!

Title: helderline.nl Language / taal: EN Top
On this site you'll find 1984 ships of Shell Tankers built between 1845 and 2013, and the ships of The Eagle Tanker Company Ltd, built between 1912 and 1959. Now the Oil- and Gas- fleet managed by Shell International Trading and Shipping Comp. London.

Title: kotterspotter Language / taal: NL Top
Dutch site that contains fishing vessels.

Title: marine modelbouw nl Language / taal: NL / DE Top
Modelbouw uit Nederland.

Title: marine-marchande.net Language / taal: FR Top
French Maritime site by Hervé Cozanet.

Title: maritimememories.nl Language / taal: EN / NL Top
Dutch site about the Maritime Memories of Fred Claessen.

Title: portpictures.nl Language / taal: EN Top
Beautiful maritime site by Danny, dockworker and port photographer in the Port of Rotterdam (NL).

Title: scheepvaartwest.be Language / taal: EN Top
Most pictures were taken at the Belgian harbours Zeebrugge, Oostende, Antwerpen, Blankenberge, Gent, Brugge and the Westerschelde and their immediate surroundings.

Title: schippertje.be Language / taal: NL / EN Top
On this site you will find pictures and information about spotted vessels. The pictures are made by Hugo Ollieuz, some by relatives or friends.

Title: Shipphotos Digital Harbour. Language / taal: EN / RU Top
Share for free or sell your ship photos and earn on the contributor commission...

Title: ships-and funnels.de Language / taal: EN / DE Top
Site by Dieter Kannengießer.

Title: shipsinthespotlight Language / taal: EN Top
Nice site by Michel Elias about ships on the French, Belgian and Dutch coast.

Title: shipsoffterneuzen.nl Language / taal: EN Top
Site with pictures taken at Terneuzen NL).

Title: shipsofthemersey.me.uk Language / taal: EN Top
Very nice site, lots of pictures of the river Mersey and the Manchester ship canal.

Title: Sleepbedrijf Antwerpen Language / taal: NL / EN Top
Very interesting site about the tugs used in the docks of Antwerp(BE).

Title: tugsalvage.nl Language / taal: NL Top
As the name says, very nice site about the salvage of ships and more.

Title: tugspotters.com Language / taal: NL / EN Top
Dutch site about tugs, with lots of pictures and info.

Title: www.skipscd.com Language / taal: NO / EN Top
Sale of CD-ROM, detailed descriptions of express coastal steamers and cruiseships.

Ship managers (company website)

Title: Cobelfret Language / taal: NL Top
Site by Cobelfret.

Title: Eukor Car carriers inc. Language / taal: EN Top
Site by Eukor Car carriers.

Title: sleepboot-hermes Language / taal: NL Top
Site of the tug Hermes.

Port of ... (company website)

Title: Port of Antwerp Language / taal: NL / EN Top
Port of Antwerp (official website).

Title: Port of Ghent Language / taal: NL / EN Top
Port of Ghent (official website).

Title: Port of Oostende Language / taal: EN Top
Port of Ostend (official website).

Title: Port of Zeebrugge Language / taal: NL / EN Top
Port of Zeebrugge (official website).

Other info and data

Title: ABS ship registry Language / taal: EN Top
promoting maritime safety has been the core commitment of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

Title: APZI Language / taal: NL / EN Top
APZI (Association Port of Zeebrugge Interests) is a private sector association in the port of Zeebrugge (official website).

Title: DNV Exchange Vessel Info Language / taal: EN Top
Det Norske Veritas ship registry / vessel info.

Title: Equasis.org Language / taal: EN Top
French site with ship info and registers.

Title: Germanischer Lloyd Language / taal: EN Top
Assurance, consulting and classification for the maritime and energy industries.

Title: Maritime web awards Language / taal: EN Top
Maritime Home Page of Steve Harris.

Title: NK ship registry Language / taal: EN / DE Top
ClassNK offers a broad range of services the encompass every aspect of ship classification from the approval of vessel and machinery plans to the survey and registration of the ship and ship installations, approval of materials, equipment and outfitting gear, as well as the assessment and registration of ship safety management systems and security systems.

Title: Scannernet.nl/ Language / taal: NL Top
Site about AIS and receivers.

Title: Shipping Guides Ltd Language / taal: EN Top
Shipping Guides Ltd are recognised industry specialists in publishing port, harbour and terminal information for your various port entry requirements.


Title: koopvaardij.blogspot.be Language / taal: NE Top
Het bijhouden van nieuws over de Nederlandse koopvaardij, kustvaart en sleepvaart, tevens het uitwisselen van foto's en gegevens van de vloot. Daarnaast aandacht voor algemene maritieme zaken.

Other services (company website)

Title: Kustwacht België - Coast Guard Belgium Language / taal: NL / EN / FR Top
Kustwacht België - Coast Guard Belgium - Garde Cötière Belgique (official website).

Title: Loodswezen - Pilotage Language / taal: NL / EN Top
Loodswezen - Pilotage (official website)
press LIS button on 2th page for expected pilots for & departures of Belgian ports

Title: Meetnet Vlaamse Banken Language / taal: NL / EN / FR Top
The Flemish Banks Monitoring Network. (Meteo, ETC.) (official website)
Weerberichten en meer.

Title: O.N.A.B. Language / taal: NL / EN Top
"Onafhankelijk Nautisch Advies Bureau" or "Independent Nautical Consultancy Agency".

Title: VLOOT Language / taal: NL Top
VLOOT is de reder van de overheid / VLOOT the company of the government (official website).

Title: VTS-Scheldt Language / taal: NL / EN Top
VTS-Scheldt Common Nautical Management (official website).

Title: Waterwegen en Zeekanaal Language / taal: NL / EN / FR Top
Waterways and Sea Canal / Waterwegen en Zeekanaal .(official website)