Arctic Sea

Location of this picture:
Zeebrugge (B)
Author of this picture: Ship Hunters
Extra info on this picture: N/A

Administrative data
Technical data
name: Arctic Sea
built: 1992
call sign: 9HDN8
IMO nr: 8912792
flag: Malta

last update: 10/01/2009
dimensions: 97.80 x 17.34 x 7.00m
capacity: 4493m³ bales, 224 TEU
speed: 11.40 kn
Extra info about this vessel:
Curriculum vitae:
Okhotskoe ('92-'96)
ZIM Venezuela ('96-'98)
Alrai ('98-'98)
Torm Senegal ('98 -'00)
Jogaila ('00 -'05)