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Before you sent us pictures please make shore to read this second part of the disclaimer.

All pictures sent to us will be placed under copyright of Ship Hunters, however, the name or address of the maker of the photo will always be written under the picture if that is his / her wish. Sending us pictures will automatically give us permission to use it for the site. The reason for this extra disclaimer is that we often loose to much time asking for permission to use a photo for our news section. Also, all pictures send to us must be minimum 800 x 600 pixels for the site

It is also not in our nature to pay for photos as we are enthusiast offering a free site to everyone.

Regarding the pictures belonging to the Leo van Ginderen collection.

We are happy to receive the authorization to use the pictures made by, and collected by, Leo van Ginderen. But do not take credit for them. We consider them a possibility to show visitors ships that we could not make pictures of our selves. Further more we can not be held responsible for the origins of the pictures. Lest not forget that this is not a commercial site, even though we aim for the highest quality in pictures and information.