Abeille Liberte

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Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: Le Havre (FR)
Date: 02/09/2018

Administrative data Technical data
name: Abeille Liberte
built: 2005
call sign: FMDI
IMO: 9308699
flag: France
dimensions: 80.00 x 16.50 x 6.00 m
type: tug
capacity: bollard pull: 209T
speed: 19.50 kn

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Extra info:
The Abeille Liberte is a high seas emergency tow vessel (salvage tug) with a crew of 12. designed by Norwegian naval architect Sigmund Borgundvag. It is based in Cherbourg, France and sister ship of Abeille Bourbon.

Abeille Liberte is owned by Abeilles International, a unit of Groupe Bourbon. The crew is made up of sailors of the merchant marine. It is chartered to the French government and can be called upon by the Maritime Prefect of the English Channel and North Sea at any time.

Converted? This vessel is still the same type as it was built.
Museum? No
Scrapping? Not scrapped on 02/11/2018.
Casualty? No