BB61 Iowa

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Photo 1
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: Los Angeles (California)
Date: 12/03/2023

Administrative data Technical data
name: BB61 Iowa
commissioned: 1943
flag: United States
dimensions: 270.43 x 32.97 x 11.33 m
type: "Iowa" class battleship
specs: N/A
speed: N/A

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Extra info:
She was commissioned 22/02/1943, and was deactivated at San Francisco, then formally decommissioned into the United States Navy reserve fleets on 24/03/1949
Iowa carried President Roosevelt en route to a conference of vital importance in November 1943 in Tehran

In 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea, prompting the United Nations to authorize military intervention.
President Harry S. Truman ordered US forces stationed in Japan to transfer to South Korea.
As part of the naval mobilization, Iowa was reactivated on 14 July 1951, and formally recommissioned on 25 August Iowa sailed for Korean waters in March 1952.
She returned to Norfolk on 28/09/1957, and departed Hampton Roads for the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard on 22/10/1957. She was decommissioned on 24/02/1958 and entered the Atlantic Reserve Fleet at Philadelphia

President Ronald Reagan effort to create an expanded 600-ship Navy, Iowa was reactivated in 1982 and towed for refitting and equipment modernization in advance of her planned recommissioning.
Recommissioned on 24/04/1984, she operated in both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets to counter the recently expanded Soviet Navy.
During a gunnery exercise, at 09:55 on 19/04/1989, an explosion ripped through the Number Two 16-inch (406 mm) gun turret, killing 47 crewmen.
A gunner's mate in the powder magazine room quickly flooded the No. 2 powder magazine, likely preventing catastrophic damage to the ship
With the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s and the lack of a perceived threat against the United States came drastic cuts to the defence budget
As a result, Iowa was decommissioned for the last time on 26/10/1990, after a total of 19 years of commissioned service. She was the first of the reactivated battleships to be decommissioned, and this was done earlier than originally planned as a result of the damaged turret.

Iowa was originally berthed at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and later at Naval Station Newport in Newport, Rhode Island from 24/09/1998 to 08/03/2001, when began her tow to California.
The ship arrived in Suisun Bay near San Francisco on 21/04/2001 and joined the Reserve Fleet, where she was initially stricken from the Naval Vessel Register (NVR) in 1995, before being reinstated from 1999 to 17/03/2006 to comply with federal laws that required retention and maintenance of two Iowa-class battleships.

In 2011 Iowa was donated to the Los Angeles–based non-profit Pacific Battleship Center and was permanently moved to Berth 87 at the Port of Los Angeles in 2012, where she was opened to the public as the USS Iowa Museum.

Converted? This vessel has not been converted.
Museum? She is part of a heritage preservation project, or belongs to a museum.
Decommissioned? This vessel was decommissioned or transfered in the year 2006
Scrapping? Not scrapped on 08/12/2023.
Severely damaged? No