M1094 Ensdorf

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Photo 1
Author: Leo Van Ginderen collection
Location: (DE) Kiel
Date: 14/06/2006

Administrative data Technical data
name: M1094 Ensdorf
commissioned: 1990
flag: Germany
dimensions: 54.40 x 9.20 x 2.84 m
type: "Ensdorf" class (type 352) minesweeper
specs: crew: 45
speed: 18.00 kn

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Extra info:
built as "Hameln" (type 343) class minesweepers, converted and upgraded between 1999 - 2001

Converted? This vessel was converted from minesweeper to minehunter at unknown date.
Museum? No
Decommissioned? This vessel was decommissioned or transfered in the year 2014
Scrapping? N/A
Severely damaged? No