A1439 Baltrum

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Photo 1
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: (DE) Neustadt
Date: 11/06/2022

Administrative data Technical data
name: A1439 Baltrum
commissioned: 1968
flag: Germany
dimensions: 51.78 x 11.77 x 4.10 m
type: "Type 754" class diving training boat
specs: crew: 33
speed: 13.60 kn

former name(s): new name(s):
A1454 Baltrum ('68-'74) No known new names

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Extra info:
The Baltrum was commissioned on 08-10-1968 for the 2nd Supply Squadron based in Wilhelmshaven. Already on 14-03-1969 she was decommissioned, cocooned and placed under the reserve flotilla on 01-04-1969.

On 02-11-1974, the Baltrum was put into service as a Class 754 diving training boat for the Technical Naval School I, Ship Safety Training Group, in Neustadt in Holstein as a replacement for the diving training boat TM 1, initially with a military crew.

Converted? This vessel was converted from ocean going tugboat to diving training boat in the year 1974.
Museum? No
Decommissioned? This vessel was still active on 10/07/2022
Scrapping? Not scrapped on 10/07/2022.
Severely damaged? No