Costa Concordia

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Photo 1
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: (SP) Palma
Date: 08/10/2008

Photo 2
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: (SP) Palma
Date: 08/10/2008

Administrative data Technical data
name: Costa Concordia
built: 2006
call sign: IBHD
IMO: 9320544
flag: Italy
dimensions: 289.59 x 35.50 x 8.30 m
type: cruise
capacity: 3700 passengers
1100 crew
13 decks (11 guest)
speed: 23.00 kn

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Extra info:
The Costa Concordia was the first of the Concordia-class cruise ships, followed by sister ships Costa Serena, Costa Pacifica, Costa Favolosa and Costa Fascinosa, and Carnival Splendor built for Carnival Cruise Lines

On 13 January 2012, at 21:45 local time (UTC+1)in calm seas and overcast weather, under command of Captain Francesco Schettino, Costa Concordia struck a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea just off the eastern shore of Isola del Giglio, off the western coast of Italy about 100 km northwest of Rome.
A 53-metre long gash was made in the hull, along 3 compartments of the engine room (deck 0); power to the engines and ship services was cut off. Taking on water, the vessel started to list to port.

Without power, the ship drifted astern but was now listing heavily to starboard. The ship, pushed by winds laterally, drifted back and grounded near shore, then partly capsized onto her starboard side, in an unsteady position on a rocky underwater ledge. Almost half of the ship remained above water, but it was in danger of sinking completely into a trough 70 metres deep.
She was carrying 3,229 passengers and 1,023 crew members, all but 32 of whom were rescued.

She was raised and carried by multiple tugs to the port of Genua (Voltri) on 27/07/2014 where she was scrapped

Converted? This vessel is still the same type as it was built.
Museum? No
Scrapping? This vessel was sold to Italy in the year 2014 for scrapping.
Casualty? Yes, (please look at the extra info box for more information).