MSC New York

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Photo 1
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: (BE) Antwerpen
Date: N/A

Photo 2
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: (BE) Antwerpen
Date: N/A

Administrative data Technical data
name: MSC New York
built: 1994
call sign: ELXU6
IMO: 9057484
flag: Liberia
dimensions: 242.04 x 32.20 x 12.40 m
type: container carrier
capacity: 3468 TEU, 198 reefer plugs
speed: 22.00 kn

former name(s): new name(s):
Norasia Kiel ('94-'97) Maritim Kiel ('09-'10)
Long Mu Wan ('10-'14)
Gang Tai Tai Zhou ('14-'17)

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Extra info:
On 15/09/16, the Gang Tai Tai Zhou ran ashore on the southern end of Kinmen Island, Taiwan.
The Gang Tai Tai Zhou had been at anchor attempting to ride out typhoon Meranti, but the strong winds and heavy seas caused the anchor to drag.
Unable to stop the drifting, the boxship was blown hard aground onto the rocks off Kinmen Island.

The Gang Tai Tai Zhou sustained severe hull damage with multiple breaches below the waterline including several fuel tanks.
No reports of injuries.
She was declared total loss, towed to China and scrapped

Converted? This vessel is still the same type as it was built.
Museum? No
Scrapping? This vessel was sold to Republic of China in the year 2017 for scrapping.
Casualty? Yes, (please look at the extra info box for more information).