FAQ's about us.
Here you can find extra information about who we are and what we do.

In loving memory of our dear friend and fellow ship hunter "Freddy"

1965 - 2019

We thank you for your friendship,
and being part of our team for over 13 years.


Who are we?
Ship Hunters exists of people who appreciate the technique that drives a vessel, the colors it is painted in, or the why's and what's about their existence.

Why did we start this web site?
Good question! We started this site to show people the good side of the maritime industry. To show them that not everyone taking a picture of a vessel is a potential terrorist. And not to forget, to let other spotters and non-spotters enjoy our pictures and data collected in the last years.

When did it all begin and how does it continue?
In the beginning there was only one person. A 17 year old kid named Andy Gerard who liked to go watch the ships pass by at the P.V.D. locks at the port of Zeebrugge (BE). He loved looking at the handling of there cargo or the working people at the docks. Later on he would start taking pictures with a simple little analog camera. And from that moment on nature did the rest. For 4 years he learned about - and took pictures of ships.

In the year 2001 he would meet the 20 year old Frédéric Van Seghbroeck. Together they have been working as one team till today, trying to make the best pictures and reports every day. In the summer of 2004 the idea came to bring all their knowledge into the web. The 17th of November it was show time. Ship Hunters was born! First there was only a photo gallery, but learning more and more about ships and the people that work on and around the ports, the site grew and grew.

In early 2006 they would meet Freddy and Gerda Plets (Freger65), two married spotters who had been spotting ships for over 14 years, thanks to them, the site keeps being up-to-date and they also take great pictures around their hometown Willebroek (BE). In the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008 several persons joined us to help us out with the news and data for vessels.

As years past by, some people joined, others left, but the starting people of Ship Hunters still remained untill today with their full passion and heart. As our site grew and grew and we had our own lives (family and work), time was getting short.
The idea came to live to put it on social media. We started the FB page of Ship Hunters on 01/04/2018 (no joke!).
Of course, the web page still continues and we reached more then 6500 vessels on our site

Disaster struck on 09/09/2019, as our beloved friend Freddy (part of Freger65) past away at age of only 54.
You can still find many of his pictures on our site, they are recognizable by a blue logo.

Where do we get the information and pictures?
All pictures on the site are a result of endless time, work and effort done by the heart of Ship Hunters. They are copyrighted under the Ship Hunters group. The information we retrieve by listening to other crew members, the media or other sites. It is free for all to use (personal and public).

If you would like to use our pictures for a site or book, we kindly ask to make a request to the "S.H." group. You can sent us an email at info@ship-hunters.be