special vessels
extra info: "S" means that the ship was scrapped, "M" stands for museum ship and "C" is that the ship is converted and still in service

A   B
Aalscholver douane vesssel  
Albatros crew tender  
Albrecht Rodenbach pilot  
Alligator bed leveller  
AMT Explorer barge  
Anna 4 boxer towing  
Apollo pilot  
Aramis utility vessel  
Argus utility / research vessel  
Asian Hercules II seagoing floating sheerlegs  
Audacia pipe - layer  
Aura heavy load carrier  
Bayard II operated spreader pontoon  
BBC Amber heavy load carrier  
BBC Canada heavy load carrier  
Beasac IV hydrographic research vessel  
Beasac V hydrographic research vessel S
Beluga Spirit heavy load carrier  
Blauwe Reiger inspection vessel  
Blue Castor oil fighting/pollution control vessel  
Boabarge 22 barge  
Bounty 2 surveillance vessel  
BP 24 Bad Bramstedt coastguard/pollution patrol vessel  
Brabo floating shearlegs  
Brandaris SaR  
Brandaris II SaR  

C   D
Carmel Head wind farm support vessel  
Castoro Sei semi-submersible pipelayer platform  
Cdt. Fourcault SaR, research vessel  
Cemaes Bay wind farm support vessel  
Cetus pilot  
Channel Chieftain V wind farm support vessel  
Cheyenne heavy load carrier  
Christiane pontoon  
Christien SaR  
Coastal Protector utility vessel  
Coesant utility / research vessel  
Columbia pilot  
Colwyn Bay wind farm support vessel  
Condock III heavy load carrier  
Condock IV heavy load carrier  
Coslrival semisubmersible rig  
Crocodile utility vessel  
De Zeebouwer self-elevating drilling platform  
Deliver pontoon  
Delta buoyancy tender / research vessel  
Deurloo diving support vessel  
Dijle buoy maintenance / utility vessel  
Discovery pilot  
DN 23 utility vessel  
DN 31 oil recovery vessel / plough  
Dock Express 12 heavy load carrier  
Dok 7 dry dock  
Dommel self propelled crane pontoon  
Dona Diana fast crew supplier  
Dullaert utility / research vessel  
Durme customs patrol vessel  

E   F
E 1504 pontoon  
E 1506 pontoon  
E 1601 pontoon  
E 3001 flat-top barge / pontoon  
E 3503 pontoon  
Endeavour pilot  
Enterprise pilot  
Explorer pilot  
Fairplayer heavy load carrier  
Fjord heavy load carrier  
Flyer SaR speed craft  
Frans Naerebout buoy layer / lighthouse vessel / SaR  
Fugro Commander geotechnical vessel S
Fugro Mercator hydrographic survey vessel S

G   H
Galatea buoy / lighthouse vessel  
Gemini pilot  
Geo Explorer multi purpose vessel  
Geosurveyor II survey vessel  
Giant 4 semi-submersible pontoon  
Glomar Commander standby-safety vessel  
Gloria heavy load carrier  
GPS Atlas floating sheerlegs  
Grutto crew  tender  
GSF Monarch drilling rig "Jackup"  
Guido Gezelle pilot  
H. 113 pontoon/barge  
H. 851 barge (launchbarge)  
Halewijn self-elevating drilling platform  
HAM 601 side stone-dumping vessel  
Hauts De France buoy / lighthouse vessel  
Havendienst 2 patrol vessel / harbour tourboat M
Hermod semi submersible crane vessel  
HMCC Seeker coastal patrol vessel  
Houtvliet survey vessel  
HT 1 utility / research vessel  
Hugo Verriest pilot / police patrol vessel S
Hydrograaf steam ship  

I   J
Icebeam survey vessel  
Ilse inspection vessel for bridges  
Imor research vessel  
Investigador oceanographic vessel  
IT Interceptor cable layer  
IT Intrepid cable layer  
Jan Bart pilot / reserve SaR  
Jan Breydel pilot  
Jan van Engelenburg SaR  
Jan van Gent customs patrol vessel  
Jean Charcot fishery patrol, oceanografic vessel  
Jeanine Parqui SaR  
Jumbo Javelin heavy load carrier  

K   L
Koningin Juliana SaR / museum ship M
Lastdrager 26 flat top pontoon  
Lillo buoy maintenance/utility vessel  
Loodsboot 1 pilot tender  
Loodsboot 6 pilot tender  
Loodsboot 7 pilot tender  
Lynn barge / pontoon  

M   N
Maersk Recorder cable layer  
Maritiem craneship / utility vessel  
Matador 1 seagoing floating sheerlegs  
Matador 2 seagoing floating sheerlegs  
Matador 3 seagoing floating sheerlegs  
Meerboot I assistance mooring utility vessel  
Meerboot II assistance mooring utility vessel  
Meerboot III assistance mooring utility vessel  
Meerboot Brabo assistance mooring utility vessel  
Meermin hydrographic / research vessel  
Menkar pilot  
Mercury pilot  
Michaël flat top pontoon  
Mirfak pilot  
MPI Resolution selfelevating support unit crane  
Mposs pollution control vessel  
Multrajet comunications vessel C
Multraship Responder SaR  
Naumon floating theatre M
Nexans Skagerrak cable layer  
Noord - West deck cargo/pontoon  
Norma lifting vessel/barge  

O   P
Oculus assistance mooring utility vessel  
Oleg Strashnov crane ship  
Oostende XI survey vessel / sounding boat  
Osa Goliath offshore construction vessel  
OSR 31 oil spill response vessel  
P1 police patrol vessel  
P2 police patrol vessel  
P3 police patrol vessel  
P5 police patrol vessel  
P6 police patrol vessel  
P17 police patrol speed craft  
P18 police patrol speed craft  
P41 police patrol vessel  
P58 police patrol vessel  
P59 police patrol vessel  
P141 police patrol speed craft  
Paster Pype former hydrographic survey vessel S
Patrol fast rescue vessel  
Penmon Point wind farm support vessel  
Perseus pilot  
Philippe Cousteau salvage work boat  
Pieter Coucke oil recovery vessel / plough  
Pieter Deconinck pilot  
Pieter P. Rubens pilot  
Pilot IX pilot  
Pilot XI pilot  
Pilot XII pilot  
Pioneer pilot  
Plevier crew tender / utillity vessel  
Pompei side stone dumping vessel  
Port Repair 1 utility vessel  
Professor Molchanov expedition vessel  
Provider crew transporter  

Q   R
R1 SaR  
R4 SaR  
Rambiz lifting vessel  
Redeboot 12 police patrol  
Reiger pilot  
Rescue Lions SaR  
Resolution selfelevating support unit crane  
Rotterdam SaR / boey maintenace  
RPA 1 patrol vessel / law enforcement  
RPA 2 patrol vessel / law enforcement  
RPA 3 patrol vessel / law enforcement  
RPA 10 patrol vessel / harbour tug  
RPA 11 patrol vessel / harbour tug  
RPA 12 patrol vessel / harbour tug  
RPA 13 patrol vessel / harbour tug  
RPA 16 patrol vessel / sea going tug  
RPA 36 oil recovery vessel  
RPA 39 oil recovery vessel  
RV 160 Drechtsteden custom patrol vessel  
RV 169 Inter Scaldis custom patrol vessel  

S   T
Saipem 7000 semisubmersible crane and pipelaying vessel  
Salvage Chief seagoing salvage craft  
Scheldewacht II hydrographic vessel  
Schorpioen self propelled barge, work boat  
Sea Profiler survey vessel  
Seawell multi-purpose offshore support ship  
Sevan Hummingbird floating production storage offloading  
Seven Pacific pipe-layer, construction vessel  
Simon Stevin fall pipe vessel  
Sjerp II standby-safety vessel  
Skandi Seven construction support vessel  
Slevokia barge  
Smit Anambas pontoon  
Smitbarge 2 pontoon  
SNS 076 President Jacques Huret SaR  
Solitaire pipe layer  
Sophie pontoon  
SPN - 02 police patrol speed craft  
SPN - 04 police patrol vessel  
SPN - 05 police patrol speed craft  
SPN - 06 police patrol vessel  
SPN - 07 police patrol speed craft  
SPN - 09 police patrol vessel  
SPN - 10 police patrol speed craft  
SPN - 12 police patrol speed craft  
SPN - 14 police patrol vessel  
SPN - 15 police patrol vessel  
SPN - 21 police patrol vessel  
Stanislav Yudin crane ship  
Sterken Dries SaR  
Stettin icebreaker  
Storm survey vessel  
Stormmeeuw customs patrol vessel  
Straffe Hendrik SaR  
Taklift 4 lifting vessel  
Taklift 6 seagoing floating sheerlegs  
Taklift 7 seagoing floating sheerlegs  
Team Oman cable layer  
Ter Streep oceanographic research vessel  
Terra Nova FPSO floating production storage offloading  
Thialf semisubmersible crane vessel  
Tijl II self-elevating drilling platform  
Timor II coast guard / support vessel  

U   V
Uisge Gorm floating production storage offloading  
Uly SaR  
Union Beaver seagoing salvage craft  
Unocal P9 Horizon oil platform  
V - 64 patrol vessel  
V - 86 patrol vessel  
Vagant self-elevating drilling platform  
VB 2 flat-boat  
VB 6 flat-boat  
VB 7 flat-boat  
Vebo Runner crew transporter  
Veremans hydrographic vessel  
Vitesse survey / crew tender  
Vliestroom buoy tender / lighthouse vessel  
Vlotburg floating castle museum ship M
VOS Rider standby-safety vessel S
VOS Shelter diving support vessel  
Voyager pilot  

W   X
Waterdunen patrol vessel  
Wave Sentinel cable-layer  
Well Enhancer light well intervention vessel for subsea wells  
Wiebke heavy load carrier  
Willebroek work boat / utiity vessel  
Wilma heavy load carrier  
Windcat 7 wind farm support vessel  
Windcat 11 wind farm support vessel  
Windcat 12 wind farm support vessel  
Windcat 16 wind farm support vessel  
Windcat 21 wind farm support vessel  
Winifred Lucy
Verkade - Clark
Wylfa Head wind farm support vessel  

Y   Z
Zannekin reserve / standby searescue vessel  
Zeearend buoy maintenance S
Zeebries douane / customs authorities  
Zeeleeuw research / training vessel  
Zeemanshoop SaR  
Zeeparel pilot  
Zeerob pilot  
Zeezwaluw pilot  
Zhen Hua 7 heavy load carrier  
Zhen Hua 8 heavy load carrier  
Zhen Hua 10 heavy load carrier  
Zhen Hua 18 heavy load carrier  
Zhen Hua 24 heavy load carrier  
Zhen Hua 26 heavy load carrier  
Zilvermeeuw customs patrol vessel  

0 - 9    
33 law enforcement / patrol vessel  
34 law enforcement / patrol vessel  
35 Tijl training ship  
36 Nele law enforcement / patrol vessel  
6515 barge  
6615 - 1 barge  
6615 - 2 barge