Location of this picture:
Ostend (BE)
Author of this picture: Ship Hunters
Extra info on this picture: N/A

Administrative data
Technical data
name: Zephyr
built: 1931
call sign: N/A
IMO nr: N/A
flag: The Netherlands
last update: 23/08/2010
dimensions: 36.00 x 6.00 x 2.20m
type: schooner
number of masts: 2
total sail surface: 360 square metres
Extra info about this vessel:
Built 1931 as motor ship with auxiliary sails named "Bente" in the Van Diepen shipyard, Waterhuizen, Friesland NL). Until 1953 cargo-ship on the Baltic Sea.
Until 1992 transport of goods to Norway for Norwegian owner, registered in Stavanger, conversion of the masts into cranes for loading goods, new deck house, stronger engine, renamed to"Jeko".
In 1993 purchased by a Dutchman, conversion to a sailing ship for voyages with passengers, renamed to"Zephyr".
Curriculum vitae:
Bente ('31-'92)
Jeko ('92-'93)