Mighty Servant 3

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Photo 1
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: (BE) Zeebrugge
Date: 05/09/2016

Photo 2
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: (BE) Zeebrugge
Date: 05/09/2016

Administrative data Technical data
name: Mighty Servant 3
built: 1984
call sign: PJWM
IMO: 8130899
flag: Curacao
dimensions: 180.50 x 40.00 x 9.50 m
type: heavy load carrier (semi submersible)
capacity: deck space: 140m x 40m
speed: 15.16 kn

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Extra info:
On 6 December 2006, Mighty Servant 3 sank in 62 m of water near the port of Luanda, Angola, while offloading the drilling platform Aleutian Key. During submerging to unload cargo, the ship developed a list and continued to submerge beyond design limits. There were no casualties, nor damage to the transported platform.

After 5 months of resting on the seabed, it was salvaged by Dutch salvage-company Smit International and handed back to its owners on 26 May 2007. To pull the vessel from the seabed, the 1,200 tonne sheerleg Taklift 7 was used in combination with pumping pressurized air into the closed compartments of Mighty Servant 3. It was transported to Cape Town for repairs, arriving on Sunday 17 June 2007. In August 2009, after an extensive rebuild, in Zwolle by Wärtsilä, she was returned to service.

Converted? This vessel is still the same type as it was built.
Museum? No
Scrapping? Not scrapped on 01/01/2018.
Lost at sea or sunken? Yes, (please look at the extra info box for more information).