F105 Cristobal Colon

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Photo 1
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: (BE) Zeebrugge
Date: 23/06/2019

Administrative data Technical data
name: F105 Cristobal Colon
commissioned: 2012
flag: Spain
dimensions: 146.70 x 18.60 x 4.75 m
type: "Alvaro De Bazan" class (F100 class) frigate
specs: crew: 250
aviation: Sikorsky SH-60B LAMPS III Seahawk or NH90
speed: 28.50 kn

former name(s): new name(s):
No known former names No known new names

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Extra info:
Six ships were originally planned, including F105 Roger de Lauria and F106 Juan de Austria. These were cancelled but a fifth ship was later added as the F105 Cristobal Colon.
She has several improvements like weaponry and combat systems and can also operate with NH 90 helicopters by expanding the hangar and flight deck.

Converted? This vessel has not been converted.
Museum? No
Decommissioned? This vessel was still active on 01/08/2019
Scrapping? Not scrapped on 01/08/2019.
Lost at sea or sunken? No