CR Abraham Crijnssens

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Photo 1
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: Den Helder (NL)
Date: 27/05/2017

Photo 2
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: Den Helder (NL)
Date: 02/09/2007
Administrative data Technical data
name: CR Abraham Crijnssens
commissioned: 1937
flag: The Netherlands
dimensions: 55.80 x 7.80 x 2.20 m
type: "Jan Van Amstel" class minesweeper
specs: crew: 45
capacity: 40 mines
speed: 15.00 kn

former name(s): new name(s):
C Abraham Crijnssens (Dutch navy) ('37-'42)
CR Abraham Crijnssens (Dutch navy) ('42-'42)
MV Abraham Crijnssens (Australian navy) ('42-'43)
P1 Abraham Crijnssens (Dutch navy) ('43-'49)
M801 Abraham Crijnssens (Dutch navy) ('49-'61)
A925 Abraham Crijnssens (Dutch sea cadets) ('61-'95)
No known new names

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Extra info:
When WW II broke out, she and 3 others were located near Indonesia (former Dutch Indies, a colony), she fled towards Australia and the 3 others were sunk so that they couldn't fall into enemies hands

In 03/1942 she arrived in Australia where she operated as a patrol vessel until 08/1942, from 08/1942 until 05/1943 she was put in service into the Australian navy as a minesweeper.
She was again a patrol vessel for the Dutch navy from 05/1943 until 1949, first for the coast of Australia, after WW II she sailed back to Indonesia
She resumed her role as a minesweeper from 1949 until 1957 near Indonesia, but because of the independence war she returned to The Netherlands, there she remained in the fleet until 1961 where she was given to the Dutch sea cadets

She was used by the sea cadets until 1995, they gave it a final rest and the ship was relocated in 1997 in Den Helder (NL) at the maritime museum where she can be visited

Converted? This vessel was converted from N/A to N/A at unknown date.
Museum? She is part of a heritage preservation project, or belongs to a museum.
Decommissioned? This vessel was decommissioned or transfered in the year 1961
Scrapping? Not scrapped on 27/11/2017.
Lost at sea or sunken? No