EML Lembit

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Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: Tallinn (EE)
Date: 28/07/2016

Administrative data Technical data
name: EML Lembit
commissioned: 1937
flag: Estonia
dimensions: 59.50 x 7.50 x 3.60 m
type: "Kalev" class minelaying submarine
specs: depth: 120m
4 × 21 in (530 mm) torpedo tubes (bow, 8 torpedoes)
1 × 40mm Bofors AA gun
1 × 7.7 mm Lewis AA machine gun
24 mines

crew: 4 officers + 28 sailors

speed surfaced: 13.5 kn
speed submerged: 8.5 kn
speed: N/A

former name(s): new name(s):
Lembit ('37-40) (Estonian Navy)
Lembit ('40-'46) (Soviet Navy)
U1 Lembit ('46-'49) (Soviet Navy)
S85 Lembit ('49-'56) (Soviet Navy)
STZH24 Lembit ('56-'57) (Soviet Navy)
UTS29 Lembit ('57-'79) (Soviet Navy)
No known new names

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Extra info:
Until she was hauled out on 21 May 2011, Lembit was the oldest submarine still afloat in the world, she is to be found in Lennusadam - Meremuuseum (Estonian Maritime Museum) in Tallinn (EE).

She was withdrawn from active duty on 17 January 1946 and became a training boat.
On 12 January 1949 Lembit was included among medium submarines. She was stricken (disarmed) on 10 June 1955.
She was transferred to the Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard on 3 August 1957 and subsequently towed to Gorky (now Nizhni Novgorod).
Here Lembit was preserved as an experimental boat and an example of British submarine design.

Her hatch for the pressure-tight anti-aircraft gun storage shaft was of particular interest. It was copied into designs for the missile hatches of new Soviet submarines.

Converted? This vessel has not been converted.
Museum? She is part of a heritage preservation project, or belongs to a museum.
Decommissioned? This vessel was decommissioned or transfered in the year 1955
Scrapping? Not scrapped on 26/02/2017.
Lost at sea or sunken? No