55 Vartiovene

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Photo 1
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: Helsinki (FI)
Date: 29/07/2016

Photo 2
Author: Ship Hunters collection
Location: Helsinki (FI)
Date: 29/07/2016
Administrative data Technical data
name: 55 Vartiovene
commissioned: 1959
flag: Finland
dimensions: 34.80 x 6.40 x 1.80 m
type: "Ruissalo" class patrol boat
specs: former armament:
1 × Bofors 40 mm/70
1 × Madsen 20 mm gun
1 × Squid depth charge launcher
2 × Sergei 23 mm twin-barrelled anti-aircraft guns)
speed: 20.00 kn

former name(s): new name(s):
5 Roytta ('59-'76)
55 Roytta ('76-'05)
No known new names

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Extra info:
Originally named Röyttä, the ship was built as a minesweeper, it's originally number is 5, but the number was changed to 55 in the middle 1970 and renovated in 1980 and again in 2000, when it was handed over to the Blue Reserve.

The vessel suffered damage in 2005 at sea, after which the insurance company bought it and sold the vessel
Decommissioned in 2005 and since 2012, it's been in commercial use

Converted? This vessel was converted from patrol boat to commercial ship in the year 2006.
Museum? She is part of a heritage preservation project, or belongs to a museum.
Decommissioned? This vessel was decommissioned or transfered in the year 2005
Scrapping? Not scrapped on 26/02/2017.
Lost at sea or sunken? No